Efficient, knowledgeable and organised

A good bookkeeper understands your business processes, your industry and what is required for your business. Bookkeepers make sure processes are in order to provide you with necessary reporting so you meet the ATO deadlines. We have an excellent eye for detail and care about keeping your records up to date and accurate.

Trust & Confidentiality

Trust is essential for both parties. The relationship needs to be based on trust and they need to feel comfortable with each other. Bookkeepers need to be provided with all the correct information so we can keep your records accurate and up to date.  It is essential to communicate with your bookkeeper. To do the job correctly, we must be aware of changes in your business operations.

As a Registered BAS Agent, we are required to keep your finances confidential so you can be rest assured your in good hands on that note!

When a new supplier is created, there are checks to be made about the supplier’s identity and to find out if the ABN is registered to be charging GST. In my experience, this is a common issue where suppliers have been known to charge GST when they are not supposed to.

Training and accreditation

These days most bookkeepers should have some sort of formal qualifications.  A Registered BAS Agent means we have been approved by the Tax Practitioners Board (ATO) and they are satisfied that we have the required skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience to prepare and lodge your BAS (Business Activity Statement) direct to the ATO for you.

Some have been certified by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

A really great bookkeeper is constantly keeping up to date in our bookkeeping industry. For example changes to cloud technology, updates from the ATO, (single touch payroll for example) and are always on top of things to give you the best bookkeeping service.

Current Technical Knowledge

Bookkeepers that are already using online accounting software  know how to automate processes to reduce the amount of time spent on data entry. With online “cloud” based systems, bookkeepers can keep a closer eye on the accounts, ensure they are up to date and identify issues more quickly to help improve your business performance.

Great bookkeepers ask questions

A great bookkeeper asks relevant questions. It may be annoying sometimes to the business owner but we are actually ensuring everything is correct in case there was a query from the ATO.  For example certain expenses need to be recorded accurately along with allocating the GST correctly as well.

BAS agents – are not permitted to give any income tax or fringe benefits tax (FBT) advice but we are not afraid to say “I don’t know” and are quite prepared to speak with your accountant for assistance.

We have an understanding of how your business runs and your financial position so we can help you grow the business while keeping your costs to a minimum.

Comparing Price

The less experience or unregistered bookkeepers may offer cheaper services. They may also spend more time (by the hour) because of the lack of experience to get the job done! A higher experienced bookkeeper/BAS agent will seem more expensive but we can work much faster and smarter than inexperienced bookkeepers. Not only that,  you are getting the results you were asking for and can relax knowing it’s all up to date and accurate!

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