End of Year Financials

Its nearing end of financial year. There are always checks to be done by your bookkeeper to make sure you are claiming enough tax deductions.

By 1st July 2020, you will need to be on Single Touch Payroll for all employees  (even if you are 1 employee as a Director for your company).

Its a good time now to get your bookkeeping up to date.

Trying to do it yourself, doesn’t always save you money like you may think. It will cost you more money for your accountant (on a higher hourly rate) to fix any errors at end of year when a bookkeeper/BAS Agent can have it completed with no errors from start to finish each month.

Industries I work with:- Restaurants, Trades such as plumbers, landscapers, cleaners, painters, engineering, manufacturing and more.

If you need some help with this  – Contact Sally  0414 522 778            Email: sallysbks@gmail.com

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